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Top 7 Question Checklist Before you Outsource Projects to Mobile App Development Company

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Top 7 question checklist before you outsource project to mobile app development company

Mobile app development is more than just using the technologies to develop something to run on a device. It is an art to understand the client’s requirements and then amalgamating it with the needs and wants of the market to develop an optimal and long lasting mobile application.

For businesses that are looking for an apt mobile app development company for their product, it becomes very important to ask the ‘tough questions’ upfront. And by tough we mean questions that can directly impact the quality of the mobile app that is about to be developed.

A major part of the quality of your end mobile app will depend on the types of questions you asked to your outsourcing mobile app development company. Because, if you don’t know the roadmap of the app development process beforehand, you won’t be on the same page during the mobile app development process and won’t get the desired results.

To save you from unforeseen situations, we at Prismetric have compiled a list of elite questions that will help you in finding if the outsourcing mobile app development firm is good enough for your project or not.

What is your experience in developing mobile apps in a specific genre?

For example, you, as a business person, want to get a mobile app developed for your business. Hence, you need to be sure about the experience of the mobile app development firm; there are companies in the market that specially deal with iOS and Android apps. Every genre of mobile app development has its own nuances and it is advisable to hire an expert mobile app development company according to the business requirement.

Knowing the business expertise of the app development firm will allow you gauge them on better scale and make your judgment process better. Moreover, if the app development firm has a prior experience in developing the kind of app you require, they can unearth better possibilities to make the app a success at the market. For instance, if you want to develop an mobile app for a specific industry, approaching a company that has experience developing similar apps developed for the industry in their portfolio will be a good fit.

What is the total experience of the company and the variety of work it has done?

An experienced app development company plays a vital role in building a successful mobile app. We live in a world where technology is changing at the rate of knots and the tech world puts several tough situations which a newbie, with their lack of experience, would not be able to handle. Thus, it is imperative to ask the outsourcing app development agency about their total experience and the experience of the developers and designers who would be working on the project.

In addition, knowledge about the type of work the app development company has done will give you an idea about how they react to different situation. Having a variety of work experience makes the app development firm understand the requirements of the clients in a better way and respond to it


Working on different products and with businesses hailing from different industries will also test the technical expertise of the company and will allow you to have a better idea if the app development firm will be able to do justice with the mobile app or not.

A mobile application development company with a rich experience in developing different kinds of mobile apps will become your one-stop destination and will render you a 360-degree app development service.

What will be a probable deadline for completing this project?

In the present day tech set-up, timing in everything holds the key to success. Thus, it is very important for the application development company to respect the deadlines and develop the mobile app within the deadlines. The commonest problem observed in application development is by the time the app is out in the market, a lot has changed including customers’ demands. The delayed release of the application makes it obsolete, and is of no use in meeting business objectives.

Therefore, before assigning your business app to the development company, you need to make a detailed check on how optimal the service provider is about respecting the deadlines. Once you know the deadline of the completion of the project, you can plan the marketing campaign as per your business requirement in a better manner. Moreover, if the company that is going to be your associate in the app development process is not very strict with maintaining the deadlines, it would have an ill-effect on the reputation of your product.

When the mobile app is completed within the allotted timeline, you as a business owner can plan the other upgraded versions of the app after seeing the reaction of the audience in a better way. Thus, respecting the time line of mobile app development process can do wonders for the end product.

What is your development methodology?

Every app development firm has a unique style and method of developing an app. Knowledge of the work method can be asset for you as because of it, you will understand why the application developers employ a certain strategy in certain situations.

Knowing the development methodology such as waterfall or agile beforehand will also allow you to ask better questions when you hire mobile app developers and understand if they are suitable to develop your app or not. Furthermore, it will also make you understand the core strength of the app development company, their work culture, etc.

What happens after the launch of the mobile app?

the launch of the mobile app

After sales services are as important as the app development process. Once the app is launched, it becomes very important to look at the feedback given by the targeted audience, and if the after-sales service of the app development firm is not strong, your business would lose a lot of userbase. It is wise to ask them the kind of post-sales service they provide; also, getting an assurance of fixing an app if it crashes or behaves unusual.

The support and maintenance of an app is important, and hence you need to stay in touch with the mobile application development company. A regular communication will help you keep your app up and running which, in turn, will create a good reputation and user experience with your products and services.

How well versed you are with the latest tools and technologies?

Technology evolves every minute. Having understanding of the fresh works done by the app development service provider will give you an idea about what kind of work the company has been doing in the recent past. This will also make you understand if the company holds expertise in meeting the demands of the ever-changing tech world.

An IT company that thinks out of the box to provide the best services will walk an extra mile to make your product competitive in the market. Thus, it is advisable and beneficial to work with an experienced and efficient app development service provider that has great think tanks and tech savvy resources. Go for the companies with neatly maintained portfolio of their innovative work in addition to some insightful case studies from the past.

Do you provide end-to-end solutions or just develop the mobile apps?

A mobile app development company that provides end-to-end solutions becomes the most sought after technology partner to business owners. The mobile app development process begins right after an idea of an app is tested and thought about along with it’s timeline for strategic plan, wireframe designs, technical documentation, testing process and the final time-to-market phase.

You must make sure that the app development agency has a poignant 360-degree solution to each of your business objective. Moreover, you may also ask whether they charge anything extra other than the app development costs.


If you ask the above mentioned questions, you as a business can have a better clarity about outsourcing your project and select the best mobile app development company according to your product requirement. This strategy will help you in the long run and also help the app developers to build an app that is highly scalable, customer-friendly and engaging.

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